Yellow Cotton Sunflower Shaped Anti-Lick Bite Neck Collar for Cats

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Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Introducing the Sunflower Soft Cotton Anti-Lick Bite Collar, the perfect blend of comfort and functionality for your feline friend. This charming collar is designed to prevent your cat from licking or biting wounds, stitches, or other sensitive areas, promoting safer healing. The bright, sunflower design adds a touch of cheerfulness, making recovery time less stressful and more delightful for both you and your pet.

Essential Features

  • Soft and Comfortable: Made from soft PP cotton, ensuring your cat’s comfort even with prolonged use.
  • Adorable Sunflower Design: The cheerful sunflower shape helps to reduce your cat’s anxiety, providing a cute yet practical accessory.
  • Lightweight Construction: Your cat can eat, sleep, and play without heaviness or restriction, thanks to the collar’s lightweight design.
  • Padded for Protection: Gently cushions your cat’s neck and prevents irritation from excessive licking or biting.

Perfect for Post-Surgery Recovery

Our Sunflower Collar is an ideal solution for post-operation recovery or during healing phases from wounds. It acts as a barrier to the treatment area, ensuring your cat heals quickly and without interruption. The soft cotton material and non-restrictive design allow for comfort all day and night.

What Makes Our Collar Special?

What sets our collar apart is its dual focus on functionality and style. Unlike traditional collars, our Sunflower Collar is designed to look great while effectively preventing your cat from reaching injury sites. The fun design distracts your pet from the discomfort of recovery, helping them to feel better during the healing process.

Why Choose Our Anti-Lick Bite Collar?

This collar isn’t just a protective accessory—it’s a way to enhance your cat’s recovery experience with a touch of joy. The soft, padded material and lightweight design ensure your cat stays comfortable, while the bright sunflower appearance keeps them feeling cozy and secure.

Help Your Cat Heal in Comfort and Style

Ready to provide your cat with the best in comfort and care during recovery? Purchase the Sunflower Soft Cotton Anti-Lick Bite Collar today and brighten up your pet’s healing process!


  1. Domingo Abshire

    A godsend for anyone struggling with their pets’ post-surgery care

  2. Brain Kunze


  3. Gertrude Streich

    This product is just what I needed for my little troublemaker who wouldn’t stop biting his stitches. He seems comfortable in it and hasn’t figured out how to get it off.

  4. Nya Gerhold

    I’m impressed with the quality of the material used

  5. Sterling Hickle

    It’s soft, comfortable for my fur baby

  6. Buck Walker

    Happy with this purchase

  7. Millie Hartmann

    It works well and it’s super easy to put on.”

  8. Cade Bayer

    My cat doesn’t even seem to mind wearing it, which is a huge plus!

  9. Lucious Ratke


  10. London Waelchi

    I love this collar! The sunflower design is so and it’s really well made. My cat has been trying to lick a wound, but with this on she can’t reach it. Plus, she looks adorable!

  11. Lelah Mertz

    The design is so cute, my cat looks like a little sunflower!

  12. Shanel Nitzsche

    Highly recommended

  13. Cale Walter

    If you’re looking for an effective solution against your feline friend’s self-harming habits – look no further!

  14. Haley Mann

    So cute

  15. Alyce Yundt

    It fits perfectly around our cat’s neck without causing any discomfort or hindrance in movement. She even sleeps comfortably with it on!

  16. Kacie Barton

    it’s ok

  17. Kaden Romaguera

    The yellow color of this collar brightens up my day every time I see my fur baby wearing it

  18. Rebeka Towne

    It’s soft, adjustable, and doesn’t seem to bother my cat at all.

  19. Rylee Hahn

    My kitty had surgery recently and we were struggling to keep her from licking the incision site. This collar did the trick – no more licking!

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