Thermal Paper Correction Fluid with Unboxing Knife



Revolutionize Privacy Protection with Our Dual-Purpose Thermal Paper Correction Fluid with Unboxing Knife


Product Description: Introducing the ultimate solution for safeguarding your sensitive information – our innovative 2-in-1 Thermal Paper Correction Fluid and Unboxing Knife. Designed for efficiency and ease, this product is a must-have for anyone seeking to maintain privacy in today’s digital world.



Key Features:

  • Dual-Function Design: Seamlessly combines a highly effective data remover with a convenient unboxing knife. It’s the perfect tool for both opening packages and securing your personal information.
  • Effortless Information Removal: With just a light smear, say goodbye to data leaks. This correction fluid makes important data on receipts, package labels, and more disappear in an instant.
  • Precision Unboxing Tool: Equipped with a sharp, easy-to-use box opening knife, opening packages has never been smoother.
  • Portable and User-Friendly: Its lightweight design ensures that you can carry it wherever you go. Plus, with a capacity for 100+ applications, this bottle is built to last.
  • Leak-Proof Lid: A simple twist of the lid to the right ensures the liquid stays secure and leak-free.


Thermal Paper Correction Fluid with Unboxing Knife



  • Style: Correction Fluid with a Supplemental Tool
  • Material: Durable Plastic
  • Capacity: 10ML
  • Color: As Shown in Images
  • Size: Compact at 85*25mm/3.35*0.98in

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Thermal Paper Correction Fluid with Unboxing Knife


Please Note:

  • Allow for minor measurement deviations due to manual measurement.
  • Due to varying monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item may differ slightly from that shown in images.


Enhance your privacy and unboxing experience with this ingenious, dual-purpose tool. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in convenience and security!


  1. Zora Keane

    This is pretty handy, especially with the knife on the other side for opening boxes. But, I’ve noticed it doesn’t erase on some surfaces, especially if there’s plastic or cardboard underneath. Also, over time, it tends to fade and the data becomes visible again, so I need to reapply it.

  2. Dorian Simms

    Worked exactly as described, perfect!

  3. Quentin Kilgore

    Worked really well for me. All the info just vanished.

  4. Orson Penn

    This product genuinely works! You do need to rub it a bit with the applicator tip, but it’s great for keeping your address private.

  5. Dovie Beale

    Worked effectively!

  6. Merrill Priestley

    Really good, thank you!

  7. Zella Haskins

    This thing works super well.

  8. Theron Creech

    The goods arrived quite quickly and as described. Happy with it.

  9. Helen Flanders

    Erases well. But, it doesn’t erase printed text from the printer. No bad smell though.

  10. Ambrose Redfern

    Received in very good condition. It works well and is really useful. Definitely recommend this product.

  11. Melba Gough

    It’s a very good product! Sometimes you need to pass it twice, but it erases all the letters on the labels. Plus, the knife is very practical 😊.

  12. Enoch Hyland

    It arrived very quickly and looks just like it does in the image.

  13. Twila Bunting

    Very good, great for protecting my information. The stiletto on the tip is really helpful!!!!! Will definitely buy more, it arrived super fast.

  14. Oren Whitley

    Works quite well, happy with it, that’s why I reordered a replacement.

  15. Verena Ladd

    Received the order and tested it on a parcel. Excellent product.

  16. Baxter Dowd

    It arrived intact. As a test, I erased a shipping invoice, and it worked on what I wanted. However, it seems to have less capacity than expected. Next time I’ll check the capacity before buying.

  17. Odessa Gentry

    First time using it and I really liked it, won’t be the last time I buy.

  18. Lemuel Hatch

    It really works! If the label is thermal, the entire print disappears like magic!

  19. Petrina Moyer

    Impressed by how simple it is to use and how well it hides order information and other details.

  20. Rufus Weldon

    Erases well. I used acetone before and it wasn’t great, but this is really effective.

  21. Magda Blunt

    Information erases quite well, I like it because the erasure is super fast.

  22. Norbert Elmore

    The product arrived quite quickly and as described. I’m happy.

  23. Muriel Blackburn

    Very useful and works very well.

  24. Lowell Tinsley

    Love it, it does what it promises.

  25. Althea North

    Practical and functional.

  26. Grover Spence

    Matches the description, I recommend.

  27. Luella Storey

    Fulfills its function, good product.

  28. Jarvis Marlow

    Works well.

  29. Selma Kilpatrick

    Need a bit more to put on the label but it works.

  30. Hoyt Sheridan

    Top! Works great, every label disappears immediately.

  31. Iva Goddard

    Very good product, does what it promises.

  32. Lionel O’Neill

    Works really well with thermal paper labels and receipts. The knife is a bit awkward because you have to push it out with your thumb while applying pressure to open packages, but it’s okay.

  33. Myra Farrow

    Works most of the time, some letters use a different ink that doesn’t fade with this, but overall satisfied.

  34. Vance Keeling

    Works pretty well, removes tag names.

  35. Thalia Hutton

    Comfortable to use. What you see in the photo is what you get. Perfect combination for opening packages.

  36. Elwood Metcalf

    It fulfills its function, shame the blade doesn’t hold well, you have to keep it tight to cut, but it doesn’t bother me much…

  37. Opal McKenna

    All right, very cool gadget, useful 😉

  38. Dalton Ewing

    You have to give it several passes, but it does its job. 10/10.

  39. Inez Hollis

    Works perfectly. Erases any thermal ink label. If it doesn’t erase on the first pass, it does on the second, but ultimately it does its job satisfactorily.

  40. Cedric Flanagan

    Works better than I expected, will buy again when I run out of fluid.

  41. Philomena Clegg

    Works, preferably on a hard surface. On foil too, but needs more effort.

  42. Sterling Boucher

    Great for hiding names and addresses, thank you.

  43. Leta Whitfield

    Really nice! Very convenient and easy to use.

  44. Duncan Beasley

    Erases personal information on courier paper well, and I’m comfortable with the mini-cutting knife.

  45. Corina Tillman

    Nice, does what it says. Easy to use.

  46. Thaddeus Crowe

    Does the job.

  47. Mavis Burch

    It’s not so “magical” but it fulfills its function…

  48. Fletcher Connolly

    It works but turns dark after a bit, which is ugly and you can’t write on the ‘whitened’ label. But the barcode and address aren’t readable anymore, which is the main point.

  49. Leona Guthrie

    Works with 90% of labels and is very useful. Haven’t figured out why it doesn’t work with some, but still worth buying.

  50. Reuben Lowery

    Very effective in removing barcodes.

  51. Geneva Potts

    It works better than I initially thought. When you first use it, you have to slightly pump/press on the surface to get the ink flowing.

  52. Marcella Briggs

    I usually use a heat gun to loosen the adhesive on shipping labels, peel them off, attach them to scrap paper, and then shred it. Most thermal labels just turn white with this liquid, though I’ve found a few that it doesn’t affect much. But hey, if it works on nine out of ten labels, that’s good enough for me and saves a lot of hassle.

  53. Tobias Hahn

    Finally found an address eraser that really works. Deserves not just 5, but 10 stars. Struggled with ink that wouldn’t dry on labels, shredders not taking plastic bags, ended up cutting labels with scissors. But this just burns out addresses in a second, making it easy to throw away packages without worrying about personal data.

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