Rotatable and Retractable Car Phone Holder



New Way to Drive

Enhance your driving experience with our 360° Rotatable and Retractable Car Phone Holder. Designed to be mounted effortlessly on your vehicle’s rearview mirror, this holder ensures that you never have to take your eyes off the road to navigate, communicate, or entertain. Say goodbye to the unsafe distractions and hello to a safer driving journey.

Key Features

  • Secure Rearview Mounting: Attaches securely to your car’s rearview mirror, allowing you to keep your focus on the road ahead.
  • Adjustable Extension and Viewing Angles: Extendable up to an additional 2 inches and features a 180-degree knob adjustment for the perfect screen visibility.
  • Stable and Scratch-Free Grip: Equipped with silicone grips that protect your phone from scratches and a 4-jaw design to ensure stability even on bumpy roads.
  • Easy One-Handed Operation: Designed for convenience, enabling you to easily insert or remove your phone with just one hand.

Product Benefits

  • Enhanced Safety: Keeps your navigation and communication within sight, reducing the need to look down and enhancing your overall safety.
  • Universal Compatibility: Fits any smartphone between 4-7 inches and is compatible with standard rearview mirrors up to 3.4 inches in height and 2.4 inches thick.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-temperature resistant ABS, this holder won’t bend or deform, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Perfect for Multi-Tasking: Ideal for anyone who needs to manage calls, maps, or music, making every trip smoother and more enjoyable.

Perfect for daily commutes, long road trips, or any time you’re driving! Whether you’re navigating busy streets or cruising on the highway, this phone holder is your ultimate co-pilot.

Get on the Road!

Don’t miss out on this essential driving accessory. Elevate your driving experience and ensure your safety on the road. Order now and enjoy a more connected and comfortable ride!


  1. Stewart Pfeffer

    i love how it extends up to an extra 2 inches and allows me to adjust viewing angles by up to 180 degrees. 🔄

  2. Hailey Thiel

    Loving the one-handed operation feature – so convenient while driving.

  3. Sally Wehner

    this holder keeps my navigation within sight, reducing the need to look down – safety first! 🚦

  4. Fern Sporer

    The best part about this holder is how it enhances safety during drives. It keeps navigation within sight reducing the need to look down constantly – less distraction equals safer drives! Also, its secure rearview mounting means I can focus on the road ahead without worrying about my phone falling off.

  5. Dina Gerlach

    the silicone grips protect my phone from scratches and the holder remains stable even on bumpy roads – super impressed!

  6. Princess Auer


  7. Kobe Ritchie

    I was pleasantly surprised by how well this product performs! It securely attaches to my car’s rearview mirror, providing me with a clear view of my device while I focus on driving—no need to look down anymore. Plus, its easy one-handed operation design makes it even more convenient for use during drives!

  8. Enrico Abshire

    I love how this holder makes multi-tasking in the car so much easier. Now I can manage calls, maps or music without hassle! 📱🎵🗺️

  9. Alanna Gleichner

    I’ve always been skeptical about car phone holders, but this one changed my mind. The design is simple yet effective; it attaches securely to the rearview mirror and holds my phone in place even on bumpy roads. The silicone grips are a nice touch, they protect my phone from scratches while ensuring stability. Plus, I love that it’s extendable up to an additional 2 inches which gives me the perfect screen visibility.

  10. Maymie O'Hara

    Totally digging how compact yet sturdy this holder feels even after frequent rotations. It’s clear that it’s built to last!

  11. Demarco Gutmann

    Absolutely adore how it spins around smoothly!

  12. Viviane Gorczany

    it’s alright… does what its supposed to do although took some time getting used to the retractable bit… but once i got hang of it, made life easier.

  13. Judge Davis


  14. Hal Stroman

    This holder is truly worth every penny spent! Its universal compatibility means it fits any smartphone between 4-7 inches perfectly – finally found something reliable! Moreover, its high-temp resistant material ensures longevity and reliability. Now I can manage calls, maps or music without any hassle!

  15. Destany Murray

    Gotta say, I’m loving this car phone holder with its rotatable function – perfect for switching between portrait and landscape views without hassle.

  16. Marcella Macejkovic

    The versatility of this product blows me away! Being able to swivel my phone around AND pull it back when needed? Absolute genius design!

  17. Waino Kulas


  18. Marguerite Herman


  19. Emery Green

    i ain’t gonna lie, wasn’t expecting much from this but boy was i wrong! rotation works like charm n’ retracting part is just cherry on top 😍👌

  20. Dwight Carroll

    this thing is so easy to set up and use, plus it isn’t too bulky – doesn’t block my view at all!

  21. Mariana Schimmel

    i didn’t expect much from this but wow was I pleasantly surprised! now i’ve got one for each of our cars. 👍

  22. Carmine Maggio

    Smooth rotation, easy retraction – great gadget for any driver!

  23. Jeffery Weimann

    What a fantastic product! This holder has made driving so much more convenient for me. It doesn’t just hold phone securely but also allows easy one-handed operation – inserting or removing my phone is a breeze now! And let’s not forget the adjustable extension feature – I can adjust viewing angles by up to 180 degrees which makes navigation super easy.

  24. Judy Olson

    this thing’s legit, like it spins around and stuff? also pulls back when u don’t need it in ur way. pretty cool if you ask me

  25. Willard Kulas

    this is my favorite phone holder! it keeps my phone in place even when the car vibrates. sometimes i have to tighten it but that’s not a big deal.

  26. Willow Graham

    it’s a great buy, works with all our phones and cars. no more struggling to find the right holder!

  27. Hassan Corkery

    No more struggling with fixed positions or fumbling with your device at red lights!

  28. Edwardo Krajcik

    This product has been a lifesaver on my long drives! I love how it can rotate 360 degrees – no more awkward angles while trying to follow the GPS!

  29. Grant Schinner

    Solid construction, installation is a breeze. Doesn’t block your sightline either – perfect fit for any phone!

  30. Salvatore Price

    I am thoroughly impressed with this car phone holder’s functionality and durability. From its stable and scratch-free grip that protects your device from unnecessary damage to its ability of extending up to an additional two inches for optimal screen visibility—every aspect of this product screams convenience and efficiency!

  31. Rachel Fadel

    Seems really well built and works great 👌

  32. Eli Harris

    This is hands down the best phone holder I’ve bought – super easy to use!

  33. Dolly Gusikowski

    The rotating function is flawless! So handy on road trips.

  34. Laverne Kuhn

    Just fine

  35. Arvel Block

    Functional, easy to set up and not too bulky – doesn’t impair my view at all! Handles large phones like a pro.

  36. Florence Hegmann

    Finally, a car phone holder that doesn’t disappoint! The rotation feature is smooth as butter and the retraction makes it super easy to adjust. A real gem any driver out there.

  37. Blake Connelly

    I didn’t expect much but wow was I surprised! It’s so designed and helpful that now I got one for each car. 👍

  38. Nathanael Kshlerin

    This gadget right here is seriously sturdy. You know how some stuff you buy these days feels like it might just crumble in your hands? Not this one. It gives off that robust vibe that screams quality and durability. I mean, we’re talking about a of kit that can withstand the test of time without even breaking a sweat.

    thing I love about this gizmo is how easily it can be turned or adjusted. There are no fidd bits or complicated instructions to follow; just twist or turn as needed and voila! It’s as simple as pie and makes using the device an absolute breeze.
    So yeah, if you’re looking for something solid that does what it says on the tin without any fuss then look no further my friend. This piece of kit has got your back covered big time! It’s built like a tank yet moves with such ease – talk about having the best of both worlds! All said and done folks, for anyone out there searching for quality gear that won’t disappoint when put through its paces… well matey, your quest ends here!

  39. Aletha Trantow

    Love this holder, it keeps my phone stable even when the car vibrates. Just have to tighten it sometimes.

  40. Abbigail Flatley

    This holder is more than just a phone cradle—it’s an essential tool that enhances your driving experience. The adjustable extension and viewing angles feature allows me to adjust the screen visibility according to my preference, making it easier for me to navigate through maps or switch songs without distracting myself from the road.

  41. Bailee Champlin

    Man, I gotta tell ya, this has the best purchase I’ve made in quite time. Seriously, it’s been a real game-changer You know how it is when you buy something and you’re not entirely sure if it’ll live up to the hype?, let me assure you that this little gem exceeded all expectations.

    First off, compatibility is key right? And lemme just say that with all our phones and cars, this thing works like a charm. No hiccups anything of the sort. It was almost too easy to set up! Just plugged her in and she was good to go; fussing about with complicated instructions or anything.

    And speaking of cars 🚗 – we have more than one at home (yeah we’re those people) but regardless of make or model – whether they’re brand new rides or old faithfuls – they’ve had zero issues syncing up with this baby.

    Now onto phones 📱 – from iPhones to Androids and everything else under the sun…this gadget hasn’t met a phone it didn’t get along with. We’re talking seamless integration here folks!

    So yeah overall, what can I say except that buying this little wonder has seriously been one of my smartest moves lately. If anyone out there is on the fence about getting one for themselves – don’t be! Trust me when I say: This will be your next great purchase too!

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