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Rediscover Timeless Elegance

Step out with confidence and grace, embracing the sun with our Retro Square Sunglasses. Crafted with a touch of vintage charm, these glasses seamlessly combine the classic with the contemporary, letting you make a stylish statement wherever you go. Whether you’re hitting the beach, exploring the city, or just out for a drive, these sunglasses will be your perfect companion.

Key Features

  • Shape: Iconic rectangle design.
  • Lens Material: Premium TAC, ensuring clarity and durability.
  • Frame: Crafted from polycarbonate, complemented by subtle metal accents.
  • Protection: UV400 lenses, guarding your eyes against harmful UV rays.
  • Optical Attribute: Features Anti-Reflective properties, minimizing glare and enhancing your vision.

Benefits of Wearing Our Sunglasses

  • Stay shielded from harmful UV rays, ensuring the safety of your eyes.
  • Experience reduced glare, thanks to the anti-reflective properties, making it ideal for driving or outdoor activities.
  • Enjoy versatility; the unisex design means it can be a staple accessory for both men and women.
  • Perfect for various occasions – be it sports, riding, or casual outings.

What Sets Our Product Apart?

Our Retro Square Sunglasses are not just an accessory; they are an experience. From the careful selection of materials to the exquisite design, we prioritize quality and style. Moreover, while the sunglasses have a vintage touch, they come equipped with modern features like UV400 protection and anti-reflective lenses. This makes them perfect for today’s dynamic world, offering both function and fashion in one neat package.

Don Your Style Today!

Life is too short for boring eyewear. Dive into a world of elegance, class, and unparalleled style with our Retro Square Sunglasses. Elevate your everyday look or make your special occasions even more memorable. Order now and let your eyes do the talking!


  1. Nat Kilback

    These sunglasses are incredibly cute and of excellent quality. They’re also very comfortable, which is essential for me. There may be other vendors selling the same set for a higher price, but honestly, these are perfect as they are.

  2. Annamarie Beahan

    These sunglasses are adorable, perfect for sunny days, and match almost any outfit.

  3. Easton Koepp

    Very cute and good quality

  4. Benny Johnston

    Received compliments on how expensive they look while wearing these sunglasses. Absolutely love them!

  5. Ricky Barrows

    Wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of quality because of the price, but these sunglasses are just fine. Even my granddaughter approves, which is rare!

  6. Macy Medhurst

    These glasses are affordable and look nice!

  7. Roma Hodkiewicz

    Product in good condition the shipment was very fast the supplier sent it exactly the same as how it is in the photo good quality product I love the color the model and the design of the product

  8. Gunnar Baumbach

    Cute, comfy, and affordable—these sunglasses are a frequent rotation in my wardrobe, and I absolutely adore them.

  9. Marcel Rippin

    They are fine but they hit me scratched as if they were already used.

  10. Karley Langosh

    Affordable and stylish, these sunglasses are a fantastic find!

  11. Kailyn Heidenreich

    I love the shape of these sunglasses, and they fit me perfectly.

  12. Fabiola Brekke

    These sunglasses arrived exactly as pictured, and they look adorable on. Very trendy!

  13. Makayla McGlynn

    I keep one pair in the room and another in my car—they’re dark enough and of good enough quality for both settings.

  14. Henriette Mayer

    They fit my face perfectly, and I absolutely adore them.

  15. Julian Satterfield

    My daughter immediately claimed these sunglasses after a photoshoot because she thought they were so cute.

  16. Delores McKenzie

    They arrived in perfect condition. As it is in the photo
    Arrived long before the estimated date and the quality is very good

  17. Estel Fisher

    Loved these sunglasses—they’re stylish and exactly what I needed. They fit perfectly and look great!

  18. Eve Bailey

    Purchased these glasses for a weekend trip, and they worked wonderfully!

  19. Rosamond Grady

    These are my go-to sunglasses, and they’re incredibly stylish. They hold up well and complement any outfit.

  20. Pauline Shields

    Super cute and effective at blocking the sun. They go with everything!

  21. Sonya Morar


  22. Alexandrea Reinger

    Nice glasses for the price, stylish and good quality. My daughter is a big fan.

  23. Bonnie Lakin

    The lenses are a bit smaller than expected, but they’re still cute and offer great sun protection.

  24. Christy Blick

    It arrived earlier than estimated, and it is all in bus recommended condition

  25. Quinten Mosciski

    Arrived quickly. Is as the photo is, although for the shape of my face something big was left.

  26. Levi Dooley

    These sunglasses are trendy and offer decent quality for the price. They fit well and keep the sunlight out effectively.

  27. Helga Olson

    I was initially hesitant due to the price, but these sunglasses are surprisingly well-made. They’ve endured quite a bit of abuse without a scratch, and they fit perfectly on my face. Highly recommend, and I’ll definitely be buying more from this brand.

  28. Alejandrin Kautzer

    good looking

  29. Dolores Strosin

    Perfectly cute for the price. I always lose my sunglasses, so these are just right for me!

  30. Tyson Goldner

    Beautiful, they look fantastic!

  31. Krystel McDermott

    Looks good material

  32. Rachael Wiza

    For its very normal eyepieces) thin plastic, for the season of the photo session👍🏻

  33. Hortense Feil

    Beautiful, I love it.

  34. Elmira Daniel

    Very nice and good material, arrived before delivery time

  35. Walter Kihn

    I’ve never found sunglasses that fit my face well until these. They’re adorable and nicely priced—highly recommended.

  36. Markus Hansen

    Superb quality

  37. Amina Grant

    For the price, these sunglasses are a steal. I wear them whenever I’m driving on sunny days, and they provide just what I need. They’re stylish, well-made, and incredibly affordable.

  38. Lorenza Swift

    Impressed by the quality of these glasses—the hinges offer a satisfying resistance, and the colors and styles match the pictures accurately.

  39. Grady Leannon

    I use the black ones for daily wear and the brown ones for a classic look. They’ve become staples in my accessory collection.

  40. Desiree Rolfson

    Bought these for a trip to Nigeria, and they performed excellently in blocking out the sun while adding a flattering touch to my look.

  41. Josephine Beer

    Arrived before the date, it is good for the price and it is nice, the colors are as they are in the picture✨

  42. Rocky Moore

    After accidentally breaking a pricey pair of sunglasses, I found these gorgeous alternatives for a fraction of the cost. They’re practically perfect, and now I don’t have to confess to my husband about the expensive mishap!

  43. Romaine Wunsch

    Arrived earlier than expected and I loved them.

  44. Doris Hirthe

    I ordered 5 different pairs and they all arrived in good condition if scratches, recommended 100%

  45. Maxie Collins

    Very good product, as is the image. Thanks😊

  46. Delbert Denesik

    Beautiful and the event as expected but the industry is not perfect The manufacture of glasses The application of Xi is more professional as in the pictures

  47. Vada Ryan

    We purchased these shades for our entrance at my cousin’s wedding reception, and they were a hit with everyone! Now, I wear them daily – they’re so stylish and adorable! Good for Price, arrived fast ahead of schedule

  48. Annie Wiza

    These glasses feature lenses that are significantly darker than those of my usual driving pair, providing exceptional shade. They’re also remarkably sturdy, so much so that sitting on them doesn’t cause any damage, thanks to the thick material used. A major plus for the ladies: the design ensures that the sides don’t catch and pull your hair, a relief given how often sunglasses can snag and tug at strands around the ears. Additionally, their flexible design allows them to double as a headband without discomfort, and they’re compact enough to easily fit into a fanny pack.

  49. Verna Konopelski

    Absolutely loving these sunglasses! They’ve quickly become my go-to shades for spring with their fantastic new color options. The quality is top-notch, and I highly recommend them. As someone who tends to lose sunglasses frequently, I wasn’t expecting much for the price. However, these sunglasses exceeded my expectations in comfort and style. I loved them so much that I bought a pair for my daughters too!

  50. Caitlyn Krajcik

    In my view, these glasses are both stylish and of high quality. The frames feel solid, and the product matches its advertisement accurately. Having eyes that are sensitive to bright light, I was initially concerned that the lighter tint wouldn’t suffice for all-day use. However, I was delighted to find that the sunlight didn’t bother me at all while wearing them. It did take a moment to readjust to the natural color spectrum after removing them, which was an interesting experience, but I absolutely adore these shades!

  51. Jerad Willms

    These sunglasses have endured drops, toddler tugs, and everything else without a scratch. They’re cute, stylish, and offer great sun protection. These glasses are not only fashionable, well-made, and affordable, but they also offer the unexpected benefit of deterring unwanted attention. As a frequent user of public transportation, I’m accustomed to being approached by strangers for various reasons, some of which can be quite intrusive. However, wearing these glasses seems to make me invisible to such disturbances, providing the perfect level of privacy I desired. This has been a pleasantly surprising advantage of my purchase. Strongly recommended!

  52. Wilma Schuster

    Took a chance on this trendy style and found these sunglasses to be a great value. Even received compliments from teenagers!
    These glasses were an ideal match for my costume! The color is spot-on, and they strike a great balance between being light and durable. While I wouldn’t handle them recklessly, I wasn’t worried about them breaking from an accidental drop. The lenses are tinted orange, adding to their appeal. Plus, the price is quite fair for both the item and its quality. Highly recommended!

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