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Step into the world of professional nail care with our advanced Rechargeable 35,000RPM Nail Drill Manicure Machine. Designed for both salon professionals and home enthusiasts, this versatile tool is your gateway to achieving salon-quality manicures and pedicures with ease. Whether you’re sculpting, grinding, or polishing, this machine ensures a flawless finish every time.

Key Features

  • Pause Function: Innovative pause mode for precision and control during intricate work.
  • Memory Feature: Resumes at last used speed for consistent performance.
  • Portable Design: Lightweight and cordless for on-the-go nail care.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge.
  • Adjustable Speed Control: Tailor the machine’s speed to your specific needs.
  • Universal Compatibility: Comes with 6 metal drill bits, suitable for a variety of nail types.
  • Certified Quality: CE, FCC, and RoHS certified for safe and reliable use.

Why Choose Our Nail Drill Manicure Machine?

What sets our manicure machine apart is its blend of power, precision, and portability. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned professionals, it’s designed to offer an effortless nail care experience. Its unique pause mode allows for meticulous detail work, while the memory function provides convenience and efficiency. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged use, making it perfect for extensive nail care sessions.

Benefits of Using Our Nail Drill

  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of nail treatments, from shaping acrylics to removing gel polish.
  • Efficiency: Saves time with its high-speed capabilities and easy bit change feature.
  • Comfort: Designed to minimize vibration and noise for a more pleasant experience.
  • Portability: Cordless design makes it easy to use anywhere, anytime.

When to Use This Nail Drill?

Our Nail Drill Manicure Machine is perfect for use in professional salons or for DIY nail enthusiasts at home. It’s especially useful for intricate nail art, regular maintenance, and quick fixes. The machine’s versatility makes it ideal for use on natural nails, acrylics, gel nails, and for pedicures as well.

Make Nail Care Effortless and Professional

Transform your nail care routine with our Rechargeable Nail Drill Manicure Machine. Embrace the ease and precision it brings to your nail art and care. Don’t miss out on this essential tool that combines functionality with style. Order yours today and elevate your nail game!


  1. Nikita Botsford

    For its price, this milling cutter offers commendable performance, though it may not match professional-grade tools in power. It operates smoothly without vibration, and despite delivery delays and packaging concerns, it comes highly recommended for personal or backup use.

  2. Karli Ziemann

    Despite its compact size, it’s an ideal tool for workspace efficiency, offering minimal noise and ease of use. The elegant design is a bonus, with battery life as the only long-term consideration.

  3. Karine Bergnaum

    This milling machine exceeds expectations with its quiet operation, comfortable grip, and long-lasting battery, making it a superior product in its category.

  4. Kaela Flatley

    The drill’s pen is notably heavy, which may affect handling comfort.

  5. Marina Mueller

    Simply great!

  6. Mallory Gislason

    I ‘ve tried it for the first time, but I think I did a good job!!

  7. Meghan Gleason

    My wife is thoroughly pleased with this drill’s performance and features.

  8. Cortney Cartwright

    This drill exceeds expectations in performance, making it a worthwhile purchase.

  9. Susie Funk

    The device itself is a great thing. Bought for a domestic manicure.

  10. Gudrun Wiegand

    Initial tests of this drill have been highly positive, with hopes for its lasting durability over time.

  11. Fredy Pfannerstill

    This high-quality drill is user-friendly and eagerly anticipated for more comprehensive nail care sessions, promising excellent results.

  12. Domenick Stroman

    This drill is particularly suited for beginners, though it may not be the best choice for working with acrylics for those new to nail care.

  13. Myah Kemmer

    Arrived fast

  14. Newton Lakin

    I love it! I can’t like it anymore! At the moment it seems to work well. Not yet used in a nail job

  15. Gus Anderson

    The aesthetic appeal and functionality of this drill are exceptional. Its adjustable turn dial for speed control and rechargeability make it a fantastic deal.

  16. Jakob King

    Ideal for amateurs and professionals alike, this drill not only excels in nail care but also provides an effective solution for ingrown toenails, demonstrating its versatility.

  17. Noe Kris

    Very good quality and works very well to see in the long term

  18. Robyn Kunze

    This pretty nail file meets all my criteria, including speed, convenience, and rechargeability. It’s packed with extra features and accessories, making it a standout choice for both aesthetics and functionality.

  19. Electa Doyle

    Very happy with my purchase! Equal product from the ad, not trepid, perfect! I hope it lasts at least a year!!! Was sent very fast and arrived here two weeks before the deadline. purchase, without fear.

  20. Vena Green

    It’s beautiful

  21. Keanu Hoeger

    Its beautiful design and professional-level performance come at a reasonable price, making it an attractive option for anyone in need of a reliable nail drill.

  22. Otho Kautzer

    This drill is not only aesthetically pleasing but also powerful, portable, and comes with all the necessary bits for continuous use. It’s a must-have for efficient and stylish nail care.

  23. Alyson Hartmann

    This product is simply amazing.

  24. Kaylee Lakin

    Super pretty and very light, it seems to have enough power

  25. Willard Wunsch

    Everything came right and working perfectly

  26. Pietro Mraz

    The build quality of this machine is solid, offering easy adjustments and effective accessories. It significantly speeds up manicure processes and comes highly recommended.

  27. Jonathon Sipes

    This drill has transformed my at-home nail routine with its smooth operation and easy-to-use design. It’s been a significant help, and I highly recommend it.

  28. Lavonne Dickinson

    just like the photo, it does not vibrate, very beautiful, I already tried it and it looked excellent.

  29. Shawna Bahringer

    As a beginner, I’ve found this drill easy to use and very effective, aiding in my learning process.

  30. Mireille Reichert

    This electric nail drill impresses with its adorable yet powerful design, providing salon-quality manicures at home. It’s compact, easy to carry, and comes with a variety of useful accessories, making it an excellent value.

  31. Keith Heaney

    I’m thrilled, just like in the pictures. Works and we will work with it soon.

  32. Antonietta Hilpert

    Its compact design is a major plus, allowing for flexibility without being tethered to a power outlet. The variety of file heads included enhances its usefulness.

  33. Aglae Aufderhar


  34. Dagmar Ondricka

    Despite its compact size, this e-file is surprisingly powerful, offering immediate rotation speed and a comfortable grip for smaller hands. Its quiet operation and lack of vibration make for a pleasant user experience, with a battery that lasts impressively long.

  35. Ronny Davis

    The aesthetic appeal of this pink and light purple nail drill is matched by its functionality, including convenient USB-powered accessories. It’s an affordable, simple solution for at-home nail care.

  36. Koby Nitzsche

    It is the second time I buy, I love this Drill is very nice, it came to me quickly, I recommend it

  37. Amber Gutmann

    As a novice, this drill set provided an excellent at-home manicure experience with its good power and ease of use.

  38. Dereck Huel

    happy to use not so noisy. love for self nail at home

  39. Tiana Herzog

    Very nice and neat milling machine. We’ll see how long it serves.
    Works quietly.

  40. Winfield Jones

    8L micromotor corresponds to 100% to the photo, arrived much earlier than expected, works very well, hilarious, does not vibrate

  41. Michelle Spinka

    This drill operates smoothly and efficiently, handling all tasks with ease.

  42. Bryana Stehr

    After starting nail dipping on a friend’s recommendation, this nail drill has proven to be a fantastic addition to my toolkit. It includes six different heads, offering versatility and ease of use. The sleek design and attractive colors only enhance its appeal, making it a worthy investment.

  43. Royal Blick

    The base drill and standard bits receive high praise for their quality. While the additional accessories like the fan and light might not be essential for all users, they offer unique conveniences for on-the-go situations. The glass file and sanding heads are nice touches. Opting for the basic kit might be more practical for many, but the package’s presentation makes it an attractive gift option. Its versatility extends beyond nails, serving as a useful tool for a variety of tasks, though the additional features may not be necessary for everyone.

  44. Marcos Hartmann

    I looked on YouTube and bought it. It’s the same as the detail page. It works well and the color is so pretty. Now I have to practice a lot to drill. The delivery came earlier than the expected delivery day.

  45. Jannie Ernser

    Liked it, it arrived super fast I recommend it although I did not use it

  46. Peter Gorczany

    This professional-level nail drill is a user favorite, boasting a sturdy design and convenient features like a simple on/off knob, easy bit change, and included accessories. The cordless feature enhances its portability, making it perfect for travel and home use alike. With practice, it opens up possibilities for creative nail designs.

  47. Lucious Kuvalis

    My wife, an avid DIY dip powder manicure enthusiast for nearly two years, has experimented with various drills but finds this one exceptional, especially adoring its unicorn/mermaid color gradient. The package is comprehensive, including a wide range of accessories and the convenience of a rechargeable design. The digital display and memory feature for speed settings enhance its user-friendliness. The included USB fan and flashlight, with their adjustable positions, add to its appeal, making manicure sessions more enjoyable even during our TV time, thanks to the bright and useful flashlight. The fan’s strength is impressive for its size, and while the device has a single USB port, limiting simultaneous accessory use, it’s a unique feature not found in her other drills. She highly recommends this drill for its distinctive features and overall quality.

  48. Willow Gulgowski

    It arrived before delivery date in perfect condition, I recommend, it is how I imagined it is beautiful and the colors the same as you can see in the images😍Has a lot of power

  49. Vergie Parisian

    Excellent is very beautiful and the battery lasts very good quality and arrived fast

  50. Taryn Volkman

    The color scheme of this e-file is captivating. Its portability is a significant advantage, arriving fully charged and ready for immediate use. Starting the device is simple, requiring a press and hold of the dial until the display illuminates, remembering your last speed and direction settings for convenience. It rotates in both directions, making it easy to switch hands. The pause feature and memory function are practical additions. Although it’s slightly heavier on the end with the cord, its design, functionality, and included diamond and ceramic bits make it a standout choice. The additional USB port for charging phones or powering the included light and fan is a thoughtful touch, although not essential. Overall, it’s a fantastic tool for both beginners and experienced nail artists, offering ease of use and excellent features.

  51. Pearline Rowe


  52. Rosie Breitenberg

    The craftsmanship of this machine is commendable so far.

  53. Lolita Johnson

    This product is of exceptional quality.

  54. Archibald Romaguera

    Arrived quickly and in exelent conditions, it is just as the photo.

  55. Derick Kunze

    It is more than I expected, very beautiful, arrived fast and very well packaged

  56. Antonette Casper

    The efficiency and effectiveness of this electric nail file are outstanding. It quickly accomplishes any task, holds its charge well, and offers speed settings that are perfectly suited for both gel and natural nails. I highly recommend it.

  57. Jaylin Blick

    I’m absolutely in love with this nail drill—it’s the cutest one I’ve ever owned and functions beautifully. If you’re in the market for a reliable drill, this should definitely be your choice.

  58. Jovany Prohaska

    This manicure machine has proven to be an invaluable investment. It’s incredibly user-friendly, making it ideal for beginners, and the battery longevity is impressive, requiring infrequent charging.

  59. Domenica Dietrich

    Using the Rechargeable Nail Drill Manicure Machine has completely changed the game for my at-home nail care routine, especially with the popularity of Russian manicures. I was struggling to achieve the look I wanted from salon visits, but this tool has elevated my cuticle care to a level I never achieved with a $70 salon manicure. Although it can reach up to level 35, I find level 6 is more than enough for removing thick gel or acrylic, while level 2 is perfect for cuticles. It’s so efficient that I only need to recharge it after every four uses. Compared to my sister’s bulky, non-portable $70 drill, this one is a modern marvel and was an excellent purchase.

  60. Conner Jast

    Exactly as in the description… I definitely recommend this product, I already want to use it!!!!
    And apart from everything it’s beautiful.

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