Interactive Electric Cat Ball



Unleash the Fun with Our Interactive Electric Cat Ball!

Looking for a way to keep your feline friend entertained and active? Look no further! Our Interactive Electric Cat Ball is the perfect solution to keep your kitty engaged and moving. This smart, self-moving ball is designed to capture your cat’s attention and stimulate their natural hunting instincts. Whether you’re at home or away, this toy ensures your cat stays active and happy.

Product Features

  • Smart, Self-Moving Design: The ball rolls automatically, enticing your cat to chase and pounce.
  • Durable Plastic Material: Built to withstand energetic play.
  • Type: Specifically designed for cats, ensuring safe and enjoyable play.

When to Use Our Electric Cat Ball?

Our Electric Cat Ball is perfect for indoor play, ideal for times when your cat needs to stay active while you’re busy or away from home. It’s a great way to keep your cat entertained, reduce anxiety, and prevent boredom. This toy is especially beneficial for indoor cats who need extra stimulation to stay fit and healthy.

What Makes Our Product Special?

What sets our Electric Cat Ball apart is its smart, interactive design. Unlike standard toys, this ball moves on its own, engaging your cat’s natural predatory instincts and providing hours of fun. It’s an excellent tool for exercise and mental stimulation, helping to keep your cat agile and entertained.

Benefits of the Interactive Electric Cat Ball

  • Keeps your cat entertained and active, promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Reduces boredom and separation anxiety in indoor cats.
  • Stimulates natural hunting instincts, providing mental and physical exercise.
  • Easy to use, providing fun for your cat even when you’re not around.

Bring Joy to Your Cat’s Life Today!

Don’t wait to provide endless fun for your furry friend. Our Interactive Electric Cat Ball is more than just a toy; it’s a companion for your cat during those long, quiet hours. Get yours now and watch your cat leap, pounce, and play their way to happiness and health!


  1. Carol May

    My cat really enjoys this, but it doesn’t work well on carpets or rugs; it just spins in place.

  2. Carol Thompson

    My cat loves this ball and keeps running after it, trying to catch it.

  3. Frankie Day

    My two kittens (five months old) are obsessed with this Cheerble ball!

  4. Maddox Rogers

    The toy itself is very well-made, sturdy, and has a long battery life. It offers various modes of operation, including rolling, bouncing, and spinning. The bright lights on the ball add to the excitement.

  5. Billy Leach

    I have an 11-week-old puppy who loves to play. This flashing, rolling ball keeps him engaged. It’s amazing!

  6. Leslie Lindsey

    The cat loves this… it’s recharging well to date. The only problem is finding it if it gets stuck somewhere!

  7. Bennie Kane

    My five-year-old orange tabby is obsessed. I’m glad to see him up and moving; it seems to have brought out his kitten-like playfulness, and it’s a good way to keep him entertained while I’m away.

  8. Zara Dean

    My husband purchased this, and I wasn’t sure it was going to be worth it. But the cats are having so much fun. I’m amazed at the intelligence of the ball, as it rests when not played with and can work itself out of corners. Definitely a good buy.

  9. Alexis Gill

    A great toy! My cats were very interested and almost mesmerized by the ball. It makes rotating and back-and-forth movements, turns on a light, has USB charging, and turns off by itself after a few minutes. Fast delivery.

  10. Reggie Riley

    Ideal for hardwood floors, this toy may struggle on carpeted surfaces. It has been entertaining my cat for a week now, keeping them engaged and active.

  11. Haiden Atkinson

    I purchased this for my energetic boys, and they absolutely adore it. My only complaint is that I wish the battery lasted longer, but considering its small size, it’s understandable.

  12. Billie Phillips

    If your cat enjoys energetic play, this is the perfect toy. It effortlessly navigates obstacles and never gets stuck. I’ve only used it on the default setting, and the USB recharge is quick, providing extended playtime.

  13. Willy Mcclure

    Initially, my cat didn’t find this toy as captivating as I’d hoped, but with cats, preferences can change unexpectedly.

  14. Silver Cain

    At first glance, the toy seemed quite small, even smaller than a golf ball. However, when I turned it on and placed it on the floor, my cat, “Sweetie,” was instantly captivated, and it brought tears of joy to my eyes.

  15. Ash Buckner

    My cat seems a bit wary of this little ball, and I find myself more fascinated by it than she is. Nevertheless, it’s a great toy with a long-lasting charge and various exciting movement features.

  16. Cameron Bass

    It was slightly smaller than expected, and so far, my cats tend to run away from it. However, we’ll see how they feel once they have some time to get used to it. I do appreciate the different modes it offers.

  17. Kris Gardner

    My cat finds endless joy in playing with this toy, and she never grows bored.

  18. Robin Reid

    I can confidently say that this is the ultimate cat toy I’ve ever purchased to keep my cat entertained when I can’t actively engage with her. I simply took it out of the box, charged it up, turned it on, and the fun began!

  19. Marley Butler

    Currently, our kitty shows moderate interest in the ball, but we plan to charge it every night because it tends to lose its charge quickly.

  20. Taylor Wright

    Initially, my cats were a bit startled by the ball’s self-rolling antics, but once they got used to it, they had a blast playing with it. Unfortunately, it took an unintended journey down the stairs and is now missing in action. Hopefully, we’ll locate it soon.

  21. Brook Cooper

    I bought two of these, and my cat adores them. The first setting makes it bounce on my floor, which initially concerned me regarding my condo neighbor’s reaction, but I’ve received no complaints. The third setting allows it to roll slowly and randomly on the floor, which my cat absolutely loves. It’s like magic. This is indeed a great product.

  22. Danni Jackson

    My mom’s 13-year-old cat, who still has a lot of energy, thoroughly enjoys playing with this toy. It’s heartwarming to see him active and having fun.

  23. Jackie Serrano

    I’d rate this product four to five stars for its durability with cats. My finicky cat played with it for about five minutes, which is a success in his book.

  24. Angel Lang

    This toy is impressively well-made and quite cool. It performs best on hard surfaces.

  25. Kit Mason

    This toy has become a little demon for our cat, providing unpredictable and entertaining moments. When it turns red, it’s time to take cover!

  26. Kai Mcpherson

    While the toy appears well-made and functional, our cats were too apprehensive to fully enjoy it. It rolled smoothly on hard floors but struggled on rugs, occasionally bouncing, which piqued the cats’ curiosity, though they ultimately decided it wasn’t their cup of tea.

  27. Blake Cain

    Please note that this toy is not suitable for medium or large dogs.

  28. Hayden Sutton

    I can confidently say that this is the best purchase I’ve made for my cat. He’s only two years old and full of energy, and this toy keeps him occupied for hours!

  29. Aubrey Stevens

    Both of my cats absolutely adore this Cheerble! I only wish it were a bit more budget-friendly, as I’d love to get more of them.

  30. Aaren Gordon

    This is amazing. Our cat loved it immediately. It spins at intervals and works well on hardwood and carpet.

  31. Casey Nieves

    If you’re looking for the perfect diversionary toy for your cat, this is it! It outshines the “mouse”-shaped ones in every aspect, from battery life to maintenance to its ability to move around the house. Moreover, it doesn’t have wheels and plastic axles, which often break and get clogged with debris in the “mouse” toys. So far, it’s one of the best quick cat toys available.

  32. Blake Snow

    My one-year-old cat loves her new toy. Even after the battery runs out, she continues to bat it around the house and play with it in her paws. It’s a fantastic cat toy.

  33. River Macias

    This toy has motivated her to get up and move, beyond just going to her food bowl. Thanks to this toy, she’s more active. The only thing that could make it better is including a tiny attachable feather along with the bell.

  34. Eli May

    So far, this is the only toy that has truly engaged my cat. I’ve wasted a lot of money on toys he just ignores. The only downside is that it moves a bit slower on carpet, and the bouncing on tile can be a bit noisy, but it’s well worth it to keep him entertained.

  35. Kerry Richards

    While the toy is smaller than I initially imagined, it turned out to be a hit with my cat, who isn’t very large either. The ball’s random movements, combined with the different colored lights, provide hours of entertainment. The battery life is somewhat limited, but the toy rates well for its simplicity and independence for the cat.

  36. Harper Wright

    This toy is amazing! All of our cats are intrigued by it, but our youngest one absolutely adores it. It arrived yesterday, and within minutes of unboxing it, he was engrossed in play for hours.

  37. Drew Moss

    It’s a perfect fit for cats, designed to navigate obstacles like rugs and corners. The engaging lights keep them entertained, and it operates silently. I’m pleasantly surprised by its battery life and durability. My cats are captivated for hours, even if they’re just observing it. The only challenge is retrieving it from under furniture once the battery depletes, but it’s inexpensive enough to replace if you get too frustrated.

  38. Danny Harrison

    Our two cats love this ball! We turn it on whenever they start to fight, and it stops them right away! They were initially scared of it, so we left it out without turning it on for about a week and sprayed a bit of catnip spray on it to get them interested. After that, they loved it!

  39. Kory Harber

    Not tested yet, after charging I will check it.

  40. Jayden Davis

    For fun and entertainment of my creatures. A dim light hangs and rolls alone, without throwing it, so that the animals chase it. Plastic or soft rubber.

  41. Kathryne Romaguera

    Nothing to say. Is small, beautiful and delivers on the promise. I would buy it again, but my cat passed away a week before he arrived.

  42. Eloise Aufderhar

    Goed toys, with colors light, working goed, my cats are happy.

  43. Vincent Marks

    Fast shipping, fast delivery, it’s ok for the price, It has rgb lights, moves automatic, rechargable battery, not too fast, but my cats liked

  44. Kieran Mohr

    Product well packed
    Exactly as in the ad
    I recommend it to everyone

  45. Lourdes Quigley

  46. Cameron Gaylord

    Very good, hyper fast delivery, everything arrived right and working. Happy with the purchase.

  47. Newell Adams

    Great interactive ball toy, my little cat loves it. I’m satisfied! 5*

  48. Kaycee Goodwin

    Thank you for the fast delivery. The cat is satisfied. Included charging

  49. Austin Robel

    My cats go crazy with her, they love it, it is so fun to see them so happy

  50. Juwan Kuhlman

    The goods arrived quickly, the box is a little dented, but it works. The cat is still afraid of him.

  51. Ollie D’Amore

    Very original, she moves alone, my kitten likes to be aware of the movements, she plays with her to hunt her haha

  52. Audra Cremin

    My cat loved it, it has little durability time after loading. But it gives what it is!

  53. Kyle McLaughlin

    Arrived very well and fully loaded. I’m going to test if my cats like it

  54. Ellsworth Legros

    It’s funny. Works well even if it slips on the ground. Cats have liked it although they pay little attention to it already. The package has been very broken but it works

  55. Lauryn Schmidt

    looks funny, the cat is still watching, but not playing, daughter is more happy.

  56. Shirley Graham

    I purchased this ball hoping it would distract my overly needy kitten while I attend to various tasks. Thankfully, it does the trick perfectly. It’s easy to operate, and my kitten adores it. It’s worth every penny and has my highest recommendation.

  57. Jarrett Runolfsdottir

    My cat absolutely adores this toy. Its smooth, silicone material glides effortlessly over various floor surfaces, and its rechargeable feature makes it hassle-free to use. It keeps my cat entertained and can be easily controlled with a touch. I highly recommend it!

  58. Helmer Hayes

    The ball was very good and everything arrived very quickly, it was recharged by USB so the box arrived somewhat touched but the ball that is the important thing arrived well, very happy with the purchase and my cat still liked it a lot, Has light while the ball moves changes color I recommend it is fine for the cat to play.

  59. Demarco Bogisich

    This ball has been a wonderful addition for both my visually impaired kitten and my older cats. Its movement and noise stimulate their hunting instincts, and it performs well on both hardwood and carpeted floors. Charging is convenient, and it provides hours of entertainment.

  60. Leonie Beer

    It’s okay, the cat doesn’t play with him much but it chases him and looks at him while he rolls when I throw it at him, but at night if I notice that he makes him roll, I have bought 2 different ones and this one has the failure that the stretch marks are in the same direction of the turn and often skids without advancing while the other one is in another direction and flies off.
    Anyway right Product👍

  61. Jamir Cassin

    If it manages to engage my usually uninterested cat, then it must be something special. This ball moves smoothly and at a pace that doesn’t startle my cats. While I haven’t tested it on carpet, it works well on my hardwood floors. It’s simple to operate, and the battery life is impressive. It’s a great value for the quality it offers.

  62. Oren Beahan

    We’ve found this ball to be a source of amusement for both our cat and ourselves. It moves back and forth in various directions, keeping everyone entertained. Our cat, who isn’t always interested in toys, was immediately drawn to it and chased it around for quite some time. We appreciate its fast charging capability and unique features. It’s definitely a hit in our household.

  63. Daniela Veum

    My seven-year-old overweight orange tabby tends to be a bit lazy, so I decided to get him this interactive motion play ball to encourage more activity. To my delight, he took a real liking to it. The ball’s lights, vibrating, shaking, and spinning motions, along with its unpredictable rolling directions, captured his curiosity and kept him engaged. It’s a hit with him, and I highly recommend it, giving it a five-star rating.

  64. Bettye Hegmann

    This toy has been a hit in our household. Initially, our cats were hesitant about a self-moving ball, but they quickly warmed up to it. Our kitten, in particular, loves stalking, pouncing, and swatting it around. It’s easy to charge, and the battery lasts for about a week with intermittent play or 2 to 3 days with continuous use.

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