Dinosaur Alarm Clock with Voice Control and Night Light



Wake Up with a Dinosaur Friend!

Introducing the perfect morning companion for your little one – our Dinosaur-Themed Kids’ Alarm Clock! This delightful and functional bedside accessory is designed to make waking up a fun and engaging experience for children. With its cute dinosaur shape and vibrant colors, it’s not just an alarm clock but a cheerful addition to any child’s bedroom.


Interactive Features for Easier Mornings

What makes our alarm clock special? It’s packed with features to make mornings easier and nights more comfortable:

  • Voice Control Technology: Easy-to-use voice commands make setting and controlling the alarm clock a breeze for kids.
  • Gradual Wake-up Light: Simulating a natural sunrise, the alarm clock gently transitions from soft to brighter light, providing a natural wake-up experience.
  • Night Light Function: A soothing night light eases fear of the dark, ensuring a peaceful sleep throughout the night.
  • Magnetic Suction Design: Place it on the fridge or any metal surface for easy time-checking and added fun!
  • Digital Temperature Display: Keeps track of the room temperature for added comfort and convenience.


Perfect for Every Child’s Bedroom

With its playful design and practical features, our Dinosaur Alarm Clock is ideal for helping children learn to wake up on their own and develop a healthy sleep routine. It’s not just an alarm clock; it’s a sleep trainer, a night light, and a fun decoration all rolled into one!

Key Specifications

Here’s what you need to know about this adorable alarm clock:

  • Smart Device Capability: Yes
  • Weight: 230g – Lightweight and Portable
  • Acoustic Control Sensing for easy operation
  • Material: Durable and Safe Plastic
  • Display: Clear and Bright DIGITAL Display
  • Style: Cartoon, appealing to kids
  • Shape: Square, stable and easy to place


Bring Joy to Mornings

Whether it’s a birthday gift or a tool to encourage better sleeping habits, our Dinosaur-Themed Kids’ Alarm Clock is the perfect choice. Its unique blend of functionality and fun makes it a must-have for any child’s room. Order now and watch your little one wake up with a smile!


  1. Aria Skyler

    I absolutely love this! It’s gorgeous and even better than I expected. 😍

  2. Jaxon Blaze

    It’s fantastic, and my kids are thrilled with it!

  3. Zane Maverick

    Just perfect, no complaints at all.

  4. Rune Glade

    Totally in love with this! It’s an amazing gift for my nephew. Everything functions perfectly, thanks a bunch!

  5. Lachlan Frost

    It’s really nice and operates exactly as described.

  6. Kaelan Reef

    It’s stunning, I’m so in love with it! Looks exactly like the picture.

  7. Ione Jet

    It’s exactly as shown, can’t recommend it enough! The quality and craftsmanship are top-notch!! 👍

  8. Elara Tide

    One button doesn’t fit quite right but it still works. I tried charging it and it powers up beautifully. It’s very pretty, with different musical tones, lights, and more.

  9. Cedric Peak

    Absolutely perfect!!!

  10. Sage Harbor

    I’m loving it!

  11. Keira Dune

    Way too adorable and exactly as shown in the picture.

  12. Jove Thunder

    I’m over the moon with this purchase—it’s even better than what I needed! The quality and design surpassed all my expectations. It’s the perfect size, incredibly versatile, and the craftsmanship is top-notch. I couldn’t be happier with how it looks and feels.

  13. Felicity Blaze

    Haven’t opened it yet as it’s a gift.

  14. Cyra Cloud

    Got it as a gift, the child adored it. It’s practical for kids and very comprehensive.

  15. Rowan Cliff

    Looks fantastic.

  16. Nyla Whisper

    My son really likes it. A light touch of the alarm clock and it lights up, which is so adorable.

  17. Lorelei Fern

    It’s not too bright, which is great for bedtime for the kids. Easy to read and does exactly what I needed. The kids adore their new room companion.

  18. Kira Star

    Way too cute! Bought this for my nephew’s birthday and he absolutely loves it!

  19. Idris Vale

    Setting it up is a bit tricky. But once it’s set, it’s nice. My daughter loves it.

  20. Giselle Moon

    The alarm sounds are really cute. The tap/noise-activated time reading is a bit too sensitive, but it’s well-made and survived my cat knocking it off a couple of times. Easy to set, though I don’t get the point of the sleep trainer feature. Love that it goes dark after a while, makes it easy to sleep with; just wish the pre-alarm wake light was brighter. Being able to set it for different days is handy. Would be 5 stars if the tap feature wasn’t so sensitive, but at least you can turn it off.

  21. Evander Sky

    Everything about this alarm is great.

  22. Cato Wilder

    So cute! My 5-year-old daughter chose it and loves it. Haven’t tried setting the alarm, but setting the time and date was easy enough without instructions.

  23. Silas Stone

    It was a bit challenging to figure out the settings at first, but now we love this clock. Perfect for my 5-year-old. Highly recommend!

  24. Rhea Bloom

    Good quality. The light and sound aren’t too harsh. Not too heavy and my son loves it. A bit difficult to program though.

  25. Orla Mist

    My kids adore this alarm. They find it cute and love its looks and colors. The alarm sounds are ideal for kids, waking them up gently.

  26. Neve River

    My boys are really into this alarm. They like the time-reading feature and it helps them know when to get out of bed. Love that it’s rechargeable and durable, even when my 2-year-old runs around with it.

  27. Linnea Vale

    It’s easy to set and use, plus it’s small and cute.

  28. Kian Slate

    Super cute! My kids absolutely love it!

  29. Isra Cove

    Pretty easy to set up and looks great in a kid’s room.

  30. Elowen Drift

    This clock is user-friendly, affordable, and my child loves the light-up spikes.

  31. Corin Ember

    I got this to help my 3-year-old wake up for school, and he loves it! It’s very motivating for him.

  32. Althea Wisp

    This Dinosaur Alarm Clock is fantastic for my daughter. Easy to read and has a sleep mode for long battery life. She’s excited to set it for school and adores the cute music. Very pleased and planning to buy more for my nieces.

  33. Soren Quill

    My 7-year-old son loves it! Easy for him to use and he adores the nightlight feature.

  34. Riven Brook

    This dinosaur clock is adorable. My kids love it. Easy to set up, lights up in different colors, making a perfect night light. No issues after months of use. Highly recommend!

  35. Nova Gale

    My son wanted a dinosaur-shaped alarm clock, and this one is perfect. Easy to read and operate, with a good alarm sound volume. Recommended.

  36. Mireya Dawn

    I like the colors on its tail and display. Really attracts kids and babies.

  37. Leona Dusk

    My kids are big fans of this clock.

  38. Kael Sun

    Got it for my niece and she’s thrilled with it.

  39. Indira Sage

    The light turns off when not in use. Very cute.

  40. Gaia Starling

    Very practical. Helps my child wake up on time every day, and he really likes it.

  41. Eris Lagoon

    My nine-year-old, who is a huge dinosaur fan, adores this! A bit hard to figure out initially, but a great purchase overall.

  42. Cassian Frost

    This alarm clock is super fun for kids. Set it up for our 6-year-old who needed help waking up for school. Offers six different alarm sounds and volume control, and you can set it for a 5, 6, or 7-day schedule.

  43. Azura Breeze

    Really cool.

  44. Theron Ash

    Great battery life, love the sleep feature and the horn night light. Super easy to program, and my son enjoys using it to tell the “time”. It’s also not too big, so it doesn’t take up much space.

  45. Selene Echo

    This alarm helps keep the kids from oversleeping. I used my phone’s alarm before, but it wasn’t loud enough. The girls aren’t fans of it, but hey, they need to get to school.

  46. Orion Maple

    This clock is adorable. Tap the tail scales, and it lights up. Kid-friendly and small, perfect for a child’s room!

  47. Liora Bliss

    I use it to wake my child up. The tones are soft and progressive, not jarring, and it does its job perfectly. Plus, the design is beautiful, highly recommended.

  48. Ivo Jasper

    My 6-year-old son loved it, easy to set up. There are a couple of functions I don’t understand but don’t need. Good size, battery lasts about 4 days, but that’s not an issue, just plug in with USB and it’s ready.

  49. Elodie Fawn

    Bought it for my 6-year-old girl, and she really liked it. The setup isn’t entirely intuitive; you need to read the instructions, but once set, it’s easy to use. The alarm volume and types are nice and adjustable. The screen turns off after 20 seconds of inactivity but reactivates with a simple touch or surface vibration.

  50. Cadmus Vale

    Bought it for my kindergartner to get used to the new school routine. Can set wake-up and bedtime. Surprisingly, it announces the time when you pass by, great for little ones learning to tell time. Battery lasts well – a week on a single charge so far.

  51. Aveline Sparrow

    Needed a clock to track my newborn’s feeding times and this fit perfectly in the dinosaur-themed room. The instructions are a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it works wonderfully.

  52. Finley Emerson

    I bought this mainly for the sunrise and sunset simulation, but I was pleasantly surprised by its overall quality! It’s encased in soft plastic, with soft ears and feet. It goes to sleep automatically, which is great. A soft tap wakes it up, and it’s packed with features like multiple alarms, customizable days. Impressed with its build and feature-rich design!

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